Customer Testimonials

"I’m honestly not sure what I did before Glow by Erin. This product is truly a game-changer and my clients are obsessed! They always say how nice they feel after our sessions compared to other artists who don’t take advantage of a drying powder like Glow by Erin. If you’re looking for a sign to add this product to your service, this is it! Your clients will thank you."

Airbrush by Erica - Pawtucket, Rhode Island

"I tried Glow by Erin finishing powder after trying a few others and absolutely LOVE the scent and how it goes onto the skin! The powder smells amazing (original is my favorite!) and comes in matte and shimmer. It goes on so easily and doesn't stick or clump. Clients love it!"

Healthy Glow Spray Tans - Nashville, Tennessee

"When I first started my business I really had no idea which finishing powder to use, so I purchased one from Etsy, it was not the best. I found Glow by Erin on Instagram and decided to give it a try and I am obsessed with their finishing powders! I have since used some other brands but they don’t compare to Glow by Erin at all! The original scent is addicting and my clients love it so much! I’ve also tried the Tropical scent recently and wow it’s just as desirable. Their bar soaps are super beneficial for pre and post care and It’s not just the scent though it’s the true quality of these powders that make the difference. I don’t have to keep re applying the powder, one application keeps my clients nice and dry and the powder doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth like some other brands. If you have your own business you should be using Glow by Erin products."

Bronze by Naz - Glendale, California

"Glow by Erin’s finishing powder is a game changer when it comes to spray tanning! My clients LOVE it, and I have received nothing but great feedback about it. It helps set the tan and also keeps the tan safe from everyone’s busy lifestyle! Some of my clients like to purchase their own small container of powder to use for working out and before they hit the town! I am so lucky I found this setting powder!!! Erin is an absolute joy to work with and is always so helpful!"

Glo on the Go - Oak Lawn, Illinois

"I have been in the industry for almost 10 years. I started using Glow By Erin about 2 years ago and have not looked back since. This powder is AMAZING! My clients all say this is the best part of their tans. Not only does it keep them from feeling sticky, it has amazing scents and a light shimmer. My clients smell great and are ready for the club after (just kidding, no sweating or that tan can get ruined). I promise you, this is what will set you apart from every other spray tan artist in your area. It’s the finishing touch to an already perfect tan."

Shoreline Tans - Stevensville, MD

"I recently tried your charcoal bar to remove my old spray tan and it is a GAME CHANGER! I love to get a weekly spray tan and have been doing so for years, but I always struggle with removing it every week. Normally I use an exfoliating mitt and water, but recently decided to try the charcoal bar with the mitt. It removed probably 90% of my old tan. Absolutely amazing! I'm also a huge fan of your finishing powder! Thank you for making spray tans so luxurious!"

Spray Tans By Kim - Bettendorf, Iowa

"Glow By Erin’s finishing powder is definitely the icing on the spray tan cake. I refuse to do any tans without it & all of my clients always comment on how great it smells & how much better they feel while processing. This powder helps me separate myself from other spray tan artists in my area & helps me achieve my goal of offering a LUXURY spray tan service. Thanks for such an awesome product and for making it smell so good!!"

Bar B Bronzing

"I am newly in business and took a master’s class that raved about Glow By Erin’s drying powder. The solution I spray tan my clients is fast drying so I didn’t think I needed a drying powder when I first started spray tanning. On the recommendation of the instructor and rave reviews I saw in Instagram, I decided to buy a bag and incorporate it on my clients. I AM SO GLAD I DID!! The powder smells so incredible and looks amazing!! My clients absolutely love it and it allows me to provide more of a luxurious, unique, boutique feel to my spray tan service. Personally, I am not charging extra but feel it sets me apart from local tanning salons that offer spray tanning or other spray tanners in my area. It is worth the investment and time to really indulge your clients and provide them a memorable experience. Also, The Glow By Erin brush is so soft and even the brush cleaner smells so clean and amazing. Sometimes, I spray the room between clients with it! As I powder my clients, I am inhaling and thinking “Gosh this smells sooooo good!” I hope you add a body spray to your line! I highly recommend Glow By Erin’s drying powder to all fellow spray tanners."

Natural Glow Spray Tans - Mishawaka, IN

"I am so excited to share my story with anyone scared to start on their own! I have been in the tanning industry for about 9 years now but took a leap of faith in the midst of Covid last year when the business I had worked for was sold. I said it is now or never. Was it scary? Yes. Was it a risk, especially during a pandemic? Hell yes. Was it worth it? More than you ever could imagine. To say I have a successful business and voted the best in my area already has made all of the hard work worth it. I love seeing my clients so happy when they leave and the reviews they give. This is why I do what I do and only use the best products for them. Glow By Erin adds that extra touch and I am proud to be able to use this product in my area!"

Golden Girls Spray Tanning - Roanoke, VA

"I love all the Glow By Erin products! My clients love the powder! I will never not use it. I know the ingredients and the care behind all the products can be trusted! Thank you Erin for everything!"

Envy Tans - Odessa, Texas

"Hi there! My name is Johanna Snider, I am nineteen years old, and the owner of Bronzed by Jo. I started my business recently in February of 2021. During the pandemic I had lost my job, had to teach myself college courses and live off of unemployment until everything had opened back up. During the pandemic I realized that I really didn’t want to continue with college and what I really wanted was to be my own boss. Make my own hours and be able to live comfortably. In December of 2020 I had decided to just go for it and went to Spray Tans by Stefani located in Arlington VA for my spray tanning 101 class. Needless to say it was the best decision I had ever made. I definitely had my hardships starting out and had to continue to waitress because that was my only source of income. After building a clientele I can finally say I am fully booked up at least once a week which is such an accomplishment to me. Without Spray Tans by Stefani I wouldn’t have gotten to experience how amazing this community is. I remember leaving her class with my Glow By Erin drying powder sample and some spray tan solution samples and was eager to get home and start. I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland so she was only a three hour drive. I remember my boyfriend picking me up and me showing him all of the samples and telling him all about it. Two months later I was renting a room out in a salon and soon later have moved into a salon with my great friend Mckenna. I am so glad I just took the leap and did it because had I not, I would still probably be working that boring waitress job."

Bronzed By Jo - Mardela Springs, Maryland

"Glow by Erin has been a part of my small business since pretty close to the very beginning. My clients rave about the smell, how they can sleep in their tan without feeling sticky or smelly, even how they can continue their day because of the *magical* powder we use. We include our Glow by Erin powder in our prices because we refuse to do a spray tan with out it. :) Thank you Erin for the amazing products you continue to produce and for the amazing customer service you’ve shown since day 1!"

Airbrush Tans By Hannah - Edmond, Oklahoma

"I feel like my story is probably the rarest, but I am so excited to have found Glow By Erin. I am a Desairologist (Makeup and Hair Cosmetologist for the deceased), and I have to protect clothing and casket lining from any makeup transfer. Glow By Erin has made this stressful time for us a whole lot easier! I can put on skin tint for my clientele's loved one and then apply the powder. I am relieved that everything will be alright, and my customers family will be pleased for their final viewing. Thank you Erin!"

Annika Jones - Oklahoma City

"Spray tanning someone, anyone, can be a little nerve racking when you first start. Different skin types, different skin conditions, different wants and needs. I joined a group on Facebook and discovered that there were many tricks to this business. Then I saw, what seemed like everyone, mention Glow By Erin setting powder and how incredible it was. At the time, I was using another setting powder that served zero purpose. So I decided to listen to the hype and make the purchase. Literal. Game. Changer. This powder has saved my life - the smell, the shimmer, the perfectly magical brush that makes the application so easy and seamless. I’m so impressed with its ability to dry so quickly, eliminate the awful tacky feeling spray solutions leave behind, and offer a gorgeous smell (and sweet shimmer too!!). Glow by Erin is my favorite part of the spray tanning process!"

The Glow Up - Westerville, Ohio

"Hi my name Nicole but everyone calls me Koley. I have been doing spray tans now for the past 8 years. Ever since I have added Glow by Erin to my services my business has totally taken off! It is such a game changer! My clients are obsessed with it and the smells. All my clients say their husbands don’t get mad when they get spray tans now because they smell so good after. It's a 10 out of 10 for me!"

Koley's Glo On The Go - Pleasant, CA

"When my clients started asking for drying powder to be added to my services I was honestly against it. I try to use the purest and most organic products in my business, as well as products that are truly the best of the best and I just couldn’t find that in any drying powder until I came across Glow by Erin. I read countless reviews and testimonials, read the ingredients over and over, watched application videos and finally decided to buy a sample size and try it on myself and my regular clients - we were all HOOKED instantly! The smell, the quality and feel of the powder and brushes, it was everything I was looking for! Once a client adds drying powder to their service, they never don’t ask for it again! Absolutely love Glow by Erin and supporting a fellow Oklahoma boss babe!"

Spray Tans By Cait - Ada, Oklahoma

"I have been spray tanning for a few years now! After spray tanning my clients I would be sitting there 5-10 minutes after the application just taking extra time airing them to make share there tan is dry enough to get dressed! They always worried about ruining it so we had to be extra careful! Back in October 2020 I came across Glow By Erin finishing powder! I have to say it’s game changing & I’m obsessed! All of my clients love it too!! Some of my clients that have been spray tanned in the past other places have never seen anything like it before! This is a product I won’t live without!"

Sunless By Stacie - Pittsburgh, PA

"I’m new to the spray tanning industry. I have personally gotten spray tans for many years now, but I didn’t start my own little spray tanning business until just a few months ago. To be honest, any time I received a spray tan in the past, a finishing powder was never recommended or even offered as an “add-on” service. When I started my business I knew that I wanted to set myself apart. I wanted to offer my clients an experience that they may not have previously received or experienced. After doing my research I came across finishing powders. Further into my search (but not much) I came across Glow by Erin Finishing Powder. I loved that they offer the best ingredients that are natural and hypoallergenic, and it gave me comfort knowing that I would be helping my clients skin stay moisturized and healthy, prolonging their tan. I ordered samples to start, and was immediately hooked! I don’t let any of my clients leave without Glow by Erin finishing powder. They can’t believe how much of a difference it makes, and they love how silky smooth it is, the shimmer, and the AMAZING scents. I will forever use this finishing powder because it’s the absolute best!"

Elegant Glo by Mallie - Manteca, CA

"Cannot get over what a difference Glow By Erin drying powder has made for my small business in such a short time! I will never do another tan without it. The scents are absolutely amazing and this really was a game changer for my clients who didn’t like to feel sticky. The drying powder is a way for me to get more clientele as well, so customers can go about their day and not feel like they have to be careful while doing so. LOVE this powder!!!"

Nails & Tans By Hunter - Niles, Michigan

"My story goes a little deeper than awesome spray tan powder! I started my small business completely CLUELESS. Struggled and learned along the way and as of today I'm still learning. I have a few people to thank for helping me and most of them are from the ASTP. This amazing group of sunless sisters Introduced me to GLOW BY ERIN. Erin had the longest wait line for purchasing. I waited and even missed a class to see what the hype was about. Then, it was my turn to meet Erin and make a purchase. She took her time, explained each product, and truly was informative. Erin wasn't selling just an amazing product, she was selling passion and is someone who truly cares about her clients. I told myself, "That's going to be me" ! Giving your clients a quality spray tan with amazing products and a caring heart will make your business blossom. Thank you Erin for being you and shaping me into the business owner I wanted to be without even knowing."

Golden Exposure Spray Tanning - Shreveport, Louisiana

"When I first started spray tanning, I began using a generic finishing powder comprised mostly of corn starch for the skin. My customers were happy with the quick drying and reduced tackiness. However, when I finally decided to switch to Glow By Erin, my customers can’t imagine going back to my old powder. As suggested, I introduced the powder as a free add-on for a month since many clients couldn’t understand what the difference would be, and my old powder was included in the price of their tan. I can honestly say that every customer has raved about the Glow By Erin finishing powder and prefer it over my old product! I absolutely love this powder and the retail jars. Even though I just started offering Glow by Erin, I purchased a few retail jars and have already sold out!"

Southern Sunless Tanning - Ruston, Louisiana

"I have been in love with Glow By Erin finishing powder for almost a year now! Being in the industry for 15 years, I have tried all of the tricks to help my clients leave feeling as dry as possible yet there always seems to be a "meh" and understanding that you might need to be extra cautious for a while while you dry more. ... NOT ANYMORE!!!! PRAISE!! Gone are the days of caution and here are the days of sprays hours before white wedding dresses are slipped on, hours before white sweaters are slouched over tan shoulders and white sheets are slept in!! My clients LOVE the smell of this product, the shimmer gives that extra "girl power" flare and the quick dry feel.....WOWZA!!!!! I love that this powder also does not interfere with the premium solution I prefer to use on my amazing clients. My beautiful clients hear me constantly say I honestly "Don't know where this powder has been all my life!"."

Double R Sun Gun - Huntsville, Texas

"I can not put into words how much Glow By Erin has changed my business. I have always spray tanned & I would find myself having to force myself to spray tan because I simply could not handle the sticky feeling. I felt trapped in a way. Lol I always try new products, scents, solutions on myself before ever trying it on clients. And I absolutely fell in LOVE with this product. Two of my very first clients are always willing to try products for me as well & give me their honest feedback. They also fell in love with this product. It takes the hassle out of getting a spray tan- no sticky feeling, no drying time, and even though my solution doesn’t have a strong dha scent, this powder eliminates that. It truly is a game changer. 💗💗 love love love it!!"

Glimmer & Glow - Austin, Texas

"All hesitation is gone with Glow By Erin finishing powder! Clients love the shimmer, the scent, and the relief of anxiety with fear of ruining their tan! I had one client tell me her husband hated the smell after she received a tan, but now loves it because she comes home all shimmery and fresh!"

Simply Tan - Naperville, Illinois

"When starting up my spray tan business, I knew I needed to add services that would set me apart from others. Enter ‘Glow By Erin.’ Every new client is amazed my the soft scent and how the powder feels on their body. It has been one of the best investments into my business and the product lasts a long time. It’s definitely worth every penny!"

Gypsy Glo - Freeland, Michigan

"I had been watching Instagram about Glow By Erin for a while. I had tried another finishing powder and hated it so I was hesitant to try. Finally I decided to give it a whirl and boy am I glad I did! This product is flawless everytime! We live here in the south where the humidity can be year round, that being said this product helps tremendously to set the tan and keep it on my clients skin and not on the clothes, but also helps them to feel dry and comfortable! The smell (tropical) is great, soft but luxurious. The slight shimmer is a nice added touch as well. A little goes a long way. Overall one of the best products out there! I won’t spray another client without finishing them off with this product!"

Color Me Bronze - Visalia, California

"“That. Smells. Amazing!!! Wow, that feels really smooth! I feel great, and I’m not sticky, and I smell like a tropical island! I love that! What is it?” After 12 years of tanning and trying different powders, and even making my own, I never have had reactions or results like I have after using Glow by Erin’s powders. Every client asks for this treatment and talks about how great it is every time! Best powder on the market and worth it!"

Glow On The Go By Megan - OKC, Oklahoma

"I include Glow By Erin finishing powder with EVERY tan! It is every clients absolute favorite part! They LOVE the smell, the feel, and of course the shimmer!"

Southern Sun Tans - Bowie, Maryland

"I had been eyeing Erin’s powder for over a year. I know, I kick myself everyday why I didn’t pull the trigger sooner and order this stuff! Finally after seeing some other familiar businesses using the product, I ordered. We have carried this product for almost a year and I can say that in the first 6 months of carrying the product we made close to 6x a return on it! And that was the beginning when we were still learning and selling it. Now it’s even more! I would say 90% of clients buy this with their tan! It’s simply amazing!"

Bronze Goddess - Livermore, California

"Glow By Erin has been a huge game changer for my business! I’ve been using Glow By Erin for well over a year now. My clients are so happy leaving my shop feeling dry and smelling great! I highly recommend adding her powders to your spray tan routine, you will not be disappointed!!"

Ladylike Spray Tans - Arroyo Grande, California

"Today is my 4 year sprayiversary! I started my spray tan career in 2015. I wish I had found Glow by Erin finishing powder sooner! But nevertheless I’m glad I have it now. When I first started offering it I did each client for free for the first application. Now 95% of my clients beg for the powder and tell me they don’t know how they’ve lived without it! Most of my clients tell me they chose to come to me not only for my skills but because I offer the powder. I’ve explained why I have to up-charge for it and they always say they’d pay even more than $5 for it because it’s that good! Overall this is my (and my clients) favorite addition to my service list! Xx"

Styled By Lauren Massemini - Pawtucket, Rhode Island

"When I decided to start my business I honestly knew nothing about the industry. I was a start at home military wife and stay at home mother. Actually, a year ago today is when I purchased my first machine. For the next month I offered free tans to military spouses so I could “practice”. In that time I also purchased every single different kind of solution I could to see which was most natural looking. Then I found out about Glow By Erin and talk about a GAME CHANGER!!! Now, about 90% of my clients always ask for the finishing powder. Thankfully, GBE also carries the matte finish as well as I have male clients and a client allergic to mica. Thank you Glow By Erin for helping my small business turn into a true luxury experience."

Sunless Sparkle By Steph - Virginia Beach, Virginia

"I had heard it a million times that this stuff is a game changer. LET ME TELL YOU. Once you’ve used it you’ll never go back. It’s amazing insurance for your tan and just leaves you feeling your best! I’ve only tried the original because I opened closer to the fall, but I just ordered the bronze for the summer and I cannot wait to introduce more of Glow By Erin to my clients ❤️❤️❤️"

Ritual Tan - Portsmouth, New Hampshire

"I’m 38 and a stay at home mom of 5. My husband is a Captain at the Broken Arrow Fire Dept. I used to work in the dental field but that was difficult due to my husbands 24-48 hours shifts. I’ve always wanted to be home with my babies and I’m very blessed to have that opportunity. I loved getting a good spray tan, but after having a few negative experiences in town, my husband encouraged me to explore the business myself. I researched products and powders and bought a cheap machine. We started practicing in our garage in a tent. Ended up loving it with a passion and enrolled in some training and got my certification. Purchased a way better machine and started spray tanning friends and family. Then the social media thing had to happen which was very hard for me. I’ve never been on social media before until last year. We built a new home and my husband had a spray room built in our 3 car garage. Started my little business and I can’t tell you how hungry I am for this. I’m mobile and then I have my reg clients come to my spray room. I’m alreay growing! I love helping people feel pretty or shine or glow for their everyday or for that special occasion. I used a couple powders before Glow By Erin but wasn’t impressed. What sets this product apart from the others is the scent, shimmer, and it works. I love offering this to my cheer squads, dance teams, or my regulars. I’m excited to see where this takes me and I’m proud to offer your product because it gets the job done after every spray."

Spray Tans By Allyssa - Chalfont, Pennsylvania

"I was first Introduced to Glow By Erin’s products at Kelly Callahan’s spray tan class. It was put on me after the demo spray and I felt amazing! I was able to put my clothes on almost immediately after and didn’t feel tacky or wet and smelled amazing! This was a game changer for my business and for spray tanning in general. My clients are blown away when I start to apply this to them cause they’ve never seen anything like it! So thank you Erin for such a great product!"

Aglow Mobile Spray Tanning - McCordsville, Indiana

"I started my business early spring of 2019, not really knowing if it would go anywhere. Had my booth set up in my unfinished basement, and was constantly worried clients wouldn't be ok with the set up. The amount of support I received within one month was AMAZING. No I'm not anywhere near having thousands of followers on IG, or full books, but I have appts weekly. I maintained my clients even after we moved 15 minutes up the road, where I now have my own finished salon/tanning room and my clients have never been happier for me. I'm officially the spray tan sponsor of two Miss America Organization Pageants and am slowly expanding each and every day. So if you're new to the industry, dont give up, you will have off months but that's ok...use them to recharge yourself. Also a MASSIVE Thank You to Glow By Erin too for providing such an amazing product! Offering it to my clients has actually made majority of them stay loyal, as they've tried other salons and haven't liked leaving without a setting powder! You're a miracle!"

American Bombshell - Thurmont, Maryland

"I honestly was hesitant for the longest time to spend money on finishing powder. I Finally did after seeing it on the FB forums & fell in love immediately & so did my customers!! It was not hard to up-charge for this like I thought it would be because everyone loved it so much! I don’t think I could ever do a spray tan again without ending it with Glow By Erin finishing powder!"

Southern Sunless Tanning - Dexter, Missouri

"This was my first time using a Finishing Powder for my Spray Tans and boy has it changed my Tanning world!! I do both Mobile and I own a small spray tanning studio in Orange County, CA. My clients go crazy for the powder as much as I do! My mobile clients always text me before their appointments and say "You're bringing the "Yummy Shimmer" right? and I always say, " I do not leave home without it." When I first opened my studio I offered it to my clients free of charge to see if they would love it as much as I did? Everything I provide to my clients I always try it out first. Well they totally fell in love with it! Now that I charge for the Finishing Powder, my clients do not hesitate to add it as an additional service. They know they are walking out dry, shimmery and GlOWING! They are 100% satisfied and I'm happy to offer a wonderful service and product that also increases my profits. DO NOT FALL FOR IMITATIONS, Glow By Erin is truly the best with such high quality. Thank you, Tabby"

Zada Beauty Spray Tanning Studio - La Habra, California

"I’ve been in the beauty industry for 20 yrs. and became a spray tan artist over 10 yrs. ago. I’ve seen a lot of spray tans and had a lot done to myself, the hardest part of any spray tan is the drying. Some solutions take forever to dry and you feeling tacky forever. I’ve tried some powders over the years, but never was a fan of them as they gummed up the tan or pulled it off, ending up in a messy situation. Then I came across Glow By Erin on Instagram and thought hummmmm it looks too good to be true! My curiosity got the best of me and I ordered some and let me tell you “WOOOOW”!! When they say it’s a game changer they weren’t lying. I now dry my clients 4 mins in front of the dryers and dust them down with either original or summer bronze. This powder smells Devine, leaves the skin silky smooth and the hint of gold shimmer is just stunning! I won’t ever spray tan without it and all my clients that try it once always ask for it again. Buy it, you won’t regret it!"

Timeless Design - Ontario, Canada

"I cannot express how much this finishing powder is a game changer. Our clients absolutely love this product and request it after each spray tan. The application is easy leaving our clients dry with a tropical scent! Being able to offer this powder only enhances our luxurious spray tan services. We have been using this product since October 2018 & we absolutely love Glow By Erin Finishing Powder!!"

MakeUp & Beauty Parlour - Niagra Falls, New York

"I am IN LOVE with the finishing powder and so are my clients! It smells and feels AMAZING! I don't know how I did business without it! Absolutely worth every penny! Thanks Glow by Erin!"

Golden Hour Spray Tanning & Beauty Bar - Grover Beach, California

"I absolutely love Glow by Erin Finishing Powder. I recently tried a sample on my clients at a local salon I was working for. I loved it so much that I now offer it complimentary with every tan in my own salon. It smells amazing and leaves my clients dry and not sticky. I love their reaction when they realize they can go about their day and not have to hide out during processing. It’s such a game changer, I won’t tan without it. Thanks Erin for being awesome and creating such a bomb product."

Hello Gorgeous Organic Spray Tan - Gilbert, Arizona

""We simply cannot get enough of Glow By Erin Finishing Powder. It is the perfect after glow touch that offers a slight shimmer & smooth drying finish, that not only smells amazing, but helps preserve your La Bronza Glow!!"

La Bronza - Ontario, Canada

"I've been doing spray tans for about 4.5 years now. I originally got "drug" into doing them due to my desire of pursuing cosmetology school and past history of working in a medical spa...and ending up falling in LOVE and starting my own business. The best feeling is having a client walk in, not being so confident, because duh- exactly who is 100% happy with themselves.. naked in front of a another woman, but then leaving pretty darn close to that 100% of loving themselves! I have always in the back of my mind thought I should try to just add a little loose facial/makeup powder to the areas that bend so they wouldn't stick or transfer color, but of course was worried of a bad result. THEN, I came across Glow by Erin & my clients were floored. Each and every one of them were amazed because they thought they couldn't love their #tantripleb more. I couldn't ask for a better product to offer, especially with our extreme East TX heat. Not one appointment is booked without the powder. Being a skeptical spray tan tech, worried to apply something on top of a fresh tan, Erin you have created a ground breaking product that I will never tan without! - XO Triple B Tans"

Triple B Tans - Huntsville, Texas

"Glow By Erin finishing powder is what gave me the boost of confidence I was looking for when starting out my mobile business! I offer it to all my clients complimentary on their first appointment and then as an add on! The finishing powder is a major hit with my clients! Being in Florida it’s honestly hot & humid 99.9% of the year, so going outside after a spray tan can be a daunting task. With the finishing powder my clients say they don’t worry as much going about their day because the powder has allowed them to not feel tacky! Of course they love the smell & shimmer too! I’ve personally used it on myself just for the smell & shimmer! Definitely a game changer in this business! I will forever be a customer of Erin’s!"

Bronzed by Brittany - Oxford, Florida

"Glow by Erin is a LIFE SAVER especially during summer time out here in Cali<3. With this crazy hot weather all you do is add a little Glow by Erin to finish off a spray tan and wahlah stickiness is gone! All my clients love leaving dry, smelling good, with that extra glow from the shimmer in the powder. Every spray tan artist needs this on their service menu!! Hands down the best finishing powder!!!!"

Bronzed by Victoria - Mission Hills, California

"Sitting here wondering how I’ve been in the air brush tanning industry for so many years and just recently added Glow by Erin to my services?! As someone that always strives to offer her clients the best of the best, I did not want to offer just any DIY powder from home. I wanted “luxury” and Erin’s setting powder has surpassed my expectations of luxury powder by a landslide. From the fabulous application brush and lightest most beautifully scented powder all the way to the classy packaging, Glow by Erin takes your clients air brush tanning experience to a whole other level. I’ve deemed it my “Boujee Setting Powder” and my clients are going crazy over it. Sweaty arm creases and boob sweat is a thing of the past at Salty but Sweet Sunless. Now my clients are Bronzed, Shimmering and DRY when they leave. Thank you Glow by Erin ✨"

Salty but Sweet Sunless - Paso Robles, CA

"Glow by Erin has done incredible things for my business. It has given me the opportunity to double the amount of spray tans I can complete in a day, as I do not have anyone standing around drying. My clients are in and out in less than 20 minutes, all thanks to this magical product. Glow by Erin smells phenomenal and gives my clients an extra boost of confidence when they walk out the door. It's a staple in my business and I won't apply another tan without this finishing powder!"

The Copper Gypsy - Perry, Oklahoma

"After many personal horror stories, I decided to follow my passion and become a certified sunless tanning professional. I wanted the best possible products out there for my clients. Then I found Glow powder! What an incredible difference this makes in the developing process of a spray tan. Clients love how it looks, smells, and feels. I work the up charge directly into my prices so I use it on all my clients. I’m completely in love with this finishing powder and truly believe it’s a fantastic product! Do not hesitate to purchase this product for your clients. It’s definitely worth it!!"

Sunless Tanning by Lindsay Supple - Johnston, Rhode Island

"My goal at Soleil Sunless Tans is to create a new and higher standard in the sunless tanning industry, especially in Colorado. I knew that I had to have the top-of-the-line organic and all natural luxury products to get the right type of client and to have repeat customers. Adding the Glow by Erin finishing powder makes my business different from others in the area and brings immediate client satisfaction. They love the smell, they love how it shimmers on their skin, and they love that they are dry. I’m so glad I found this product because it definitely takes my busines to a higher level and creates more client satisfaction."

Soleil Sunless Tans - Parker, Colorado

"GAME CHANGER! My clients cannot get enough! So shimmery and the smell is fantastic!!!! I will be adding it to every tan I do from now on! Great job, Erin!"

Glow Mobile Spray Tanning - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"Glow by Erin is a game changer! (Cue angels singing) I started using the finishing powder a few months back for my mobile spray tan business as an added extra touch. After spraying one of my repeat customers I turned my machine off and she promptly turned around and said “what about the shimmer magic?” I knew then and there Erin’s finishing powder was what set me apart from other spray tan services in my area! I have increased my revenue and gained loyal happy customers!"

Glow On The Go - Sylvania, Ohio

"This powder is the Piece de Reisistance of my spray tans. It’s a complete game changer because the worst part of a spray tan is leaving and feeling sticky. Erin’s powder is the last touch on my sprays and as soon as my client sees me grab my little container and brush they start smiling because they know what’s coming! The smell is addictive! I catch myself smelling it all through the day! Thank you Erin for creating this magical product for me to pamper my clients with!"

Bronze Me Baby - Allen, TX

"Glow By Erin Finishing Powder is a MUST have for any spray tan professional, hands down. After I received it, I tanned and used it on myself first, and can genuinely say I was very impressed. It really does leave the skin feeling soft and DRY. NOT sticky!! Which is the biggest complaint after a spray tan. The subtle shimmer compliments any skin tone, and the smell is delightful-not overbearing whatsoever. I can confidently say my clients agree; they LOVE IT! More and more have been requesting it and/or wanting to try it. I recently tanned a party of 7 for a photo shoot, and every single girl mentioned how they loved the smell, they were able to get dressed immediately for their photos after being powdered with no solution transferring to their clothing or smearing at all. The owner, who was in charge of the party/photo shoot, even came in and told me the photos were coming out great, which I give a lot of that credit to this simple powder. It’s so easy to use and SO worth it!! I will never NOT have this in stock from now on!"

Lavishly Bronze - Yuba City, CA

"Glow by Erin is seriously a game changer!! It has boosted my business by a long shot! Every client of mine gets the finishing powder and I haven’t had one client get it, and not want it the second time around! I love offering it for my ‘on-the-go” clients who are coming from their work break. It makes it easy on them having this powder as an option and great for me to know their tan is set and won’t rub off on their clothes. Even as the technician— getting airbrush tans have always been so uncomfortable to me. I hated the sticky/tacky feeling post application. Once I found Erin’s finishing powder I cannot live without it! It totally absorbs the sticky feeling and really sets the tan so you feel more comfortable...not to mention the beautiful, fresh smell! I LOVE this powder. Glow by Erin will forever have my business! Absolutely genius!"

Dream Airbrush Tanning - Weymouth, MA

"Hey there! I’m Jennifer, owner of LUXE Mobile Airbrush Tanning. From the moment I started my business, I wanted to offer a luxurious tanning experience like no other. I’ve carefully selected the solutions and products I offer, including Glow by Erin Finishing Powder. I was a little hesitant in offering this setting powder because I had a feeling once I offered it, my clients would fall in love and I wouldn’t be able to stop using it....and yes that is exactly what has happened! Living in Florida, the heat and humidity can make spray tanning a little sticky sometimes. My clients are now able to run errands, go to dinner and basically go about their normal activities during their pre-rinse time. I let all of my first time clients try it complimentary so they can experience it first hand knowing good and well they will be hooked. Erin’s Glow powder has definitely helped set me apart and has contributed to the LUXE experience I love giving my clients! Thanks Erin!!"

LUXE Mobile Airbrush Tanning - Wellington, FL

"Love, Love, Love this Finishing Powder. I have been spray tanning for many years and hated leaving my clients with that "sticky, helpless" feeling, but no longer, clients love this and the shimmer too. No transfer to clothing or sheets, really great if clients are getting up super early to catch a holiday flight and don't want to leave their sheets with spray tan solution on them all that time. This has truly revolutionized spray tanning!"

Gorgeous Glow - West Sussex, UK

"WOW! Glow by Erin is amazing! My clients are in love and can not get over the new tropical scent! Living in Hawaii with a tropical climate, it can be humid at times. Glow by Erin definitely helps my clients feel dry and removes the sticky feel a spray tan causes! Hawaii loves Glow by Erin!"

Spray Tans by Stefani - Hawaii

"Great job Erin! I am going to go spray tonight and use my powder all night long! I've already grossed over $1000 in extra revenue from my new service! Plus I only used 2.5 small beags of powder in the process!!"

Wilbraham Tan - Wilbraham, Massachusetts

"Find a need, fill a need... I’ve taken that quote from ROBOTS!!! That’s exactly what Erin did with this amazing finishing powder. What are 2 of the biggest complaints about spray tans, besides the ugly orange color??? Yup it’s the 2 ugly S’s, STINKINESS & STICKINESS! As a new business owner who wants to set myself a part it was a no brainer in choosing to offer this service. At first, I was nervous about up-selling this product with each spray tan I offered, but since day one NO ONE has said no thank you I’ll pass. They look forward to it and feel pampered every single time. Because I ONLY use organic base products in my salon, why would my finishing powder be exception!?! It’s the final touch at the end that sets me a part from the other salons that keeps them coming back for more. I Love it and so do they! THANK YOU ERIN FOR FILLING THE NEED!!!!!"

Glow Up Tanning - Prairieville, Louisiana

"I started using Glow By Erin about 4 months ago. I used it on my regular customers first and I was pleasantly surprised by their excited responses! None of them will leave an airbrush session without the powder now. I have some “picky” clients, and now there’s never a worry about how their tans will turn out. Thanks Erin!!!"

Girl Friday - Bloomington, IL

"After starting to use the Glow by Erin drying powder, I knew there was no going back. The powder is absolutely amazing, smells so good and puts the perfect finishing touch on each and every spray tan we share with our clients. Thank you!"

Simply Sunkissed - Federal Way, WA

"I had always disliked the sticky feeling after getting a spray tan, and accepted it was a part of the experience. Once I came across Glow By Erin though, I knew I needed to try it. After the first time using it on a client then on myself, I was hooked. Not only does it actually make you feel dry and smooth, but the smell is out of this world! I have clients immediately get dressed afterwards, then go meet up with friends for drinks! When starting my business, I wanted to set myself apart, and elevate the experience in every way possible. Using Glow by Erin along with high quality solutions has done that for me, and Ill never go without it now! It is worth every penny, and when you break the cost down per tan, its a no brainer!"

Aurose Beauty - Portland, OR

"I bought the mobile size of Glow by Erin powder to try on my clients as a free add-on during the month of July. My clients are obsessed, I am obsessed! It really is a game changing product. I’m so excited to be adding Glow By Erin to my business!"

Ladylike Spray Tans - Arroyo Grande, CA

"This powder is AAAMAAAAZZZING! I've been in business 5 years and I always hear, I wish I didn't feel sticky afterwards. Now they don't have to! My clients and I love the smell and the dry non-sticky feeling! It's a game changer! From one of my clients: "Added the Glow Powder to my Mystini Tan, Amazed!!! Left feeling like I hadn't even been sprayed and smelling fresh! Definitely adding the glow powder from here on out!"

Mystini Sunless Tanning Bar & Spa - Missouri City, TX

"Glow By Erin finishing powder has changed my spray tanning business and the spray tan game!! I purchase wholesale powder for my business because I use on every single one of my clients. This finishing powder is the best one I have ever used. From the fast drying, no sticky feeling, the scent, the shimmer (optional) the product actually WORKS. This is all of my clients favorite part. They actually all scream and rave about it. The fact that I have customers coming back more frequently is because of this powder. Clients don’t have to worry about feeling sticky in a spray tan for hours, they smell GOOD, and they are set. I can not thank Glow By Erin enough for this amazing product!"

Glam & Glow By Nikki - Hauppauge, New York