Stiletto Scent Matte (No Shimmer) - Mobile 6 OZ

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Stiletto is our newest masculine powder and it is going to be a favorite! Our goal is to always find a scent that appeals to both men and women and I think we have done it again! This scent is clean and sexy with a touch of spice. A perfect light touch of pepper along with a hint of leather and a bit of edgy woods.

Glow By Erin finishing powder eliminates the post spray tan sticky feeling. It dries and helps protect and set the spray tan while it is developing. So this means there will be less mess-ups and fewer complaints. The amazing sexy clean smell of this matte powder also serves as an odor neutralizer. It makes your skin feel silky soft right after your spray tan.

This is a ground breaking finishing powder that is allowing clients to be sprayed at any time of day. They can get dressed after their spray tan feeling dry and confident that they can continue the rest of their day without the worry of bronzer transferring anywhere. This mobile bag averages approximately 42-84 full body client application. This number is based on whether you use 1 or 2 GBE scoops per client. The reason for using 1 to 2 scoops per client will vary. Find out the reasons why this is the case by reading question number 4 on our FAQ Page. 

*Please keep in mind that this is bulk bag packaged powder. This is the way that you should purchase powder for cost effectiveness. When you use powder from a small jar it is much more expensive. The cost on our 6 oz. mobile bag is $42, so that is $7.00 per oz. Our Salon 1 lb. bag is $6.12 per oz. and the Bulk 2 lb. bag is $5.93 per oz. When you purchase retail jars, you are paying a lot more per ounce of powder. These jars are made to sell to your clients for their extended use. They love having their own jar and brush just to apply daily! 

Benefits Of Using Glow By Erin

  • No More Sticky Spray Tans
  • Higher Client Comfort
  • Skin Feels Dry & Silky Soft
  • Protects Tan As It Develops
  • Hydrates Skin To Extend Tan
  • Clothes & Sheets Stay Clean
  • Spray Any Time Of Day
  • Makes Additional Profits
  • All Natural and Hypoallergenic  
  • Talc, Paraben, Nut & Cruelty Free