Summer Bronze Shimmer - Sunkissed Medium Shade - Sample

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This finishing powder has a sun-kissed medium tan color with a beautiful light bronze shimmer. It is made with our amazing tropical scent. The powder has a darker tan color that is in-between our tropical powder color and our dark powder color. This powder is great for clients with darker complexions, like skin types 2, 3 & 4, as well as clients who just like to be sprayed with darker solutions. It is definitely a gorgeous bronze color on the skin and has a beautiful copper mica shimmer!

Glow By Erin finishing powder eliminates the post spray tan sticky feeling. It dries and helps protect and set the spray tan while it is developing. So this means there will be less mess ups and fewer complaints. The powder serves as a odor neutralizer and leaves a fresh clean scent on the skin. Your skin feels silky soft right after your spray tan and has a beautiful light bronze shimmer. This is a ground breaking finishing powder that is allowing clients to be sprayed at any time of day. They can get dressed right after their spray tan feeling dry and confident that they can continue with the rest of their day without the worry of bronzer transferring anywhere. 

*Due to the slightly darker mica used in this powder, it is possible to have a little powder color transfer to clothing, but still not likely. Powder washes out easily.

Benefits Of Using Glow By Erin

  • No More Sticky Spray Tans
  • Higher Client Comfort
  • Skin Feels Dry & Silky Soft
  • Protects Tan As It Develops
  • Hydrates Skin To Extend Tan
  • Clothes & Sheets Stay Clean
  • Spray Any Time Of Day
  • Makes Additional Profits
  • All Natural and Hypoallergenic  
  • Talc, Paraben, Nut & Cruelty Free